Security Measures for YOUR business

Stay alert and secure when it comes to your business. You’ve worked hard to grow it – now protect it!

Possible measures you can initiate in your business:

Have multiple email accounts. One for family and friends, another work and another for newsletter sign ups, social networking etc.

Have a system for backing up your company data.  Can you go without your emails? client database?  supplier database? numerical data?

Install virus protection software

Check references from former employers of all staff regardless of rank

Segregate duties (ie employee who banks the Company’s money should not be the same employee that reconciles the bank account)

Safeguard assets (ie passwords/safes/offsite etc)

Request employees to regularly change their computer and other system passwords.

Have adequate insurance (Workers compensation, public liability, contents etc)

More staff during peak times to prevent problems such as theft

Educate staff on security measures expected by the Company

And regularly review your security measures!

A lot of businesses put a tick against system upgrades or reviews on their checklists – but this is not a means to the end. An effective review and action plan is one that is done regularly to correlate any changes within the business as and when they occur.