Questions for your new accountant

On the hunt for a new accountant? Some of your ‘Must Ask’ questions may be:

1/ Are you a registered Tax Agent? (ie can you lodge my BAS and Tax Returns, as well as communicate with the ATO on my behalf?)

2/ What are the usual turnover time frames within your practice?

3/ What kind of services can you offer me or my business, outside the usual plugging?

4/ Do you work with XXX software?

5/ Do you belong to any professional body? (ie Chartered Accountant, CPA or NIA as they have stricter requirements on their members)

6/ How do you charge? (ie per job, per hour or fixed fee plan)

7/ Do you have other clients from my field and/or industry?

8/ Are you IT friendly? (ie ok to use Skype and emails as methods of communication when face to face is not feasible?)

And finally as to fees

9/ Can you provide an estimate as to your costs?

Tip 1: Please ensure you take last years Return AND current year data for the prospective accountant to be able to give an efficient response.

Tip 2: You may also like to note what you lacked with your former accountant, in order for your prospective accountant to evaluate if they can help you.

There is such a thing as a good fit – find an accountant right for you and your business. If you are too scared or embarrassed to ask the silly questions – then chances are you walked into the wrong office!