Want to grow? … Let’s look at your current or prospective employees

Once you grow a certain size or want to keep growing – you need help. This usually comes in the form of contractors or more formally – employees.

But how do you keep them motivated enough to sell your product and/or services as they did on Week 1 of their employment with you?

Have a think about the following:

Set clear stepping stones that your staff can conquer and strive for (and please keep up your end of the deal!)

Don’t be behind the times – have the latest IT within the office. Doesn’t have to be the latest super dooper IT software/programs – but don’t live in a cave! And don’t expect your employees to either.

Promote a healthy balance between life and work. Maybe lead by example?

Why not provide a dinner for two; a weekend away tour/hotel deal, extra days paid leave, the latest iPod etc etc etc. These have an enormously positive motivator effect and reward employee´s commitment and outstanding performance

Promote an open door policy. Invite feedback (both in private and public ways). If an idea has been chosen or considered, recognise the person publicly. Give timely and proactive response in addressing the concerns and suggestions.

Review salary packages regularly to keep in line with the market and in line with the employee’s performance.

Provide opportunities for people to make decisions about and control and/or influence their own job.

Treat staff consistently

Do not create rules for everyone, when just a few are violating the norm.

Promote self development and training programs both internally and externally.

Constantly remind employees of your vision and goals for the Company so they understand the big picture and are able to contribute.

Constantly keep your ear to the ground regarding any internal conflicts/disagreements/whinges and act quickly and fairly. Don’t let the sparks turn into a blaze.

As you can see – it’s not always just money that keeps an employee happy and loyal!

Why do some of the above? – To keep low staff turnover as they’re happy staff, reduced hiring costs, upkeep company image and to GROW YOUR BUSINESS!!! Make your employees feel pride and satisfaction for belonging to your business.