FletcherFind#4 – Interview with Suellen Hughes of Transforme

Can you describe what you do in 140 characters or less?

I’m the Chief Kick Starter at www.transforme.com.au and I inspire people to take action to kick start important life changes.

You identify yourself as a the Chief Kick Starter – can you expand a little on how you picked that punchy title?

It’s just a bit of fun.  I wanted a title that wasn’t corporate-sounding.

You deal with many deeply ingrained problems in your profession – what makes you keep going?

I get a kick (pun intended) out of seeing people create a better life for themselves.  It’s very rewarding.

You must have been part of some amazing success stories – can you let us in on one?

I have but it’s too hard in 140 characters.  Check out my Transformed Clients on my website.

Yes, 140 characters is rather limiting so I’d like to invite readers to check out some amazing transformations for themselves at http://www.transforme.com.au/about/transformed-clients

I was personally very interested to see that you offer finance solutions for members – can you expand a little on that for us?

Money worries can stop us living our best life, so I partner with Financial Planners & Accountants to give my clients access to expert advice

From our recent discussions, I noticed that you’re not a fan of introducing yourself as a coach. Has the connotation behind that word become too negative or vague?

The word means different things to different people.  I provide coaching services, but I do more than that – coaching with a kick!

I personally enjoyed the discussion on your blog regarding this very issue. http://transformeblog.wordpress.com/2010/10/27/5-reasons-coaching-is-an-ick-word/

People often feel that they are the only ones suffering as they are – does your program offer some sort of support services between members?

Yes.  It’s good to talk to other people going through a similar change.  I have an online community where members can interact on a forum

What about for those who don’t have time or want to remain private? What delivery methods can you offer those embarking on your programs?

I offer online programs where work through topics, answer questions & complete activities online at a time that suits

You recently finished a huge marathon – congratulations! How long was the run and what was your official time?

Thanks.  It was a huge personal achievement.  It was a full marathon – 42.2km and I finished in 4:44

What an amazing result! What inspired you to carry out such a mammoth marathon, considering that you’re not a professional runner and have only taken up running recently?

I like to set myself challenging goals and I’m passionate about health & fitness. For me, a marathon is the ultimate running goal

Will you do another marathon? Or is there another adventure on your horizon?

Probably. I think I’m hooked. I’d love to do the New York marathon one day.  I’m still working on my next adventure / kick ass goal 😉

And finally, what would you say to people who are sitting on the fence with respect to embarking on your program?

Get off the fence and kick start your best life!

Love it! Thanks Suellen. What a great attitude for the start of a new week!

Contact Suellen via:
Website – http://bit.ly/c36p1p
Twitter – @Suellen_Hughes
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/transforme

Interviewed by Janna Fikh of Fletcher Tax Accountants 15/11/10