FletcherFind#2 – Interview with Leanne Berry of The Numbers Game

FTA: Can you describe what you do in 140 characters or less?

LB: At TNG we maximise your business profits by using the best accounting software to meet your needs including setup, training and support

FTA:Being an accountant, I always hope for great relationships with bookkeepers. Do you advise the same in reverse?

LB: Absolutely.  To achieve the optimum results for our clients we work hard at developing great relationships with Accountants we believe its vital

FTA: A lot of business owners don’t know the other range of services book keepers may be able to provide. Can you expand on some?

LB: Well at TNG we are qualified business advisors, we offer training and business consultancy services, some offer services such as debt collection

FTA: Providing these extras yourself, you must have solved a lot of puzzles in your time. Can you share a success story with us?

LB: So many stories – but taking clients from a shoebox to a system that provides accurate and up to date reporting gives us great satisfaction

FTA: New legislation has just come out to regulate bookkeepers? Do you think it will make a difference to your industry?

LB: Yes.  Minimum qualifications, PI insurance, registration with the Tax Board, code of professional conduct has to make our profession better

FTA: And what about to clients? Do you think they will appreciate the difference?

LB: Not immediately – but with education from our professions I think it will slowly filter through

FTA: Cloud software is becoming extremely popular with many new businesses opting to start on the cloud straight off the bat. Do you agree?

LB: Yes – billions of $ are being invested – work smarter not harder, not only accounting software but so many applications now available

FTA: And finally, any advice for those looking for a new bookkeeper?

LB: Someone with skills and experience to solve your problems, understands how to use software to get desired outcomes, understands legislation

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Website – http://bit.ly/bLjJLh Twitter – @Leanne_Berry Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/tngaus Interviewed by Janna Fikh of Fletcher Tax Accountants 25/10/10