FletcherFind#1 – Interview with Leah Klugt of Inkblot Design Studio

Welcome to our first FletcherFind where I aim to introduce the wonderful small businesses and owners I come across during my business travels.

Leah of Inkblot Design Studio
Leah of Inkblot Design Studio

Please note this interview was conducted via Twitter and each answer was limited to 140 characters!

FTA: Here ready to interview @InkblotAU via twitter – just checking on technicalities. Are you there Leah?

LK: Testing, testing 1, 2, 3. Roger that!

FTA:Great thanks @InkblotAU First off the bat – Can you describe what you do IN one tweet?

LK: I’m a designer who invests in successes of other biz’s. I create relationships + loved ideas. I love + take care of your brand.

FTA:Fantastic! Sounds like you are very passionate about your clients getting the image they are proud of @InkblotAU

LK: I am, I love clients who love what they do, and love the badge that I have created for them!

FTA:You must have had some bizarre jobs throughout your time – can you share any @InkblotAU?

LK: I designed wedding invite where I had to Photoshop more hair on the groom at brides request! #iloveyoujustthewayyouare

LK: I wonder if she thought he wouldn’t notice that he wasn’t bald anymore? I would have been offended, poor groom

FTA: @InkblotAU That truly has to be a one of a kind request – fantastic!

FTA: What is one of your best tips for business owners working with graphic designers @InkblotAU?

LK: Know target market inside out! What they eat, where they shop etc. Let us brand you WELL – makes 1000% difference

FTA: And what would be the hardest type of client to deal with @InkblotAU? Any examples?

LK: Controlling client! Design is a process it requires trust in designer& respect for their work. Restricting =less value

FTA: Can you show us an example of a favourite logo you designed (or one of them if it’s hard to choose) @InkblotAU?

LK: It’s so hard, like picking a favourite child (or furbaby!) but this is recent and noteworthy: http://on.fb.me/9Fa17E

FTA: And finally @InkblotAU , is it true that graphic designers get inspired anytime, anywhere from anything?

LK: Well I do! It’s more than 9-5 job. For me, it’s a lifestyle. Im constantly absorbing day+night = inspiration!

FTA: And what a lifestyle to be able to work with such great inspiring businesses. Many thanks @InkblotAU for the interview.

FTA: Make sure to connect with Leah on Twitter via @InkblotAU or check out her amazing portfolio on Facebook and on her website

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Contact Leah via: Website – http://www.inkblot.com.au/ Twitter – @InkblotAU Facebook – http://on.fb.me/9Fa17E Interviewed by Janna Fikh of Fletcher Tax Accountants 11/10/10