The 2009 ANZ Women and Money Confidence Report found that 45% of Australian women have saved less than they had hoped in the last 12 months and 51% of women would last less than three months on their current savings if they lost their job and still had to pay their usual bills.

Horrible stats!

In response – the ANZ bank has launched FebuSave – a month to promote saving.

To aid your journey, why don’t you try cutting down on some of the following, as suggested by the ANZ Bank:

  • Buying lunch
  • Coffees
  • Driving to work
  • Eating Out
  • Pampering
  • Shoes
  • Shopping
  • Snacks
  • Taxi’s
  • Treats

The above too hard? – Find a saving strategy for you.

How about:

  • Get together with some friends and pool your resources.
  • Have a bbq with your friends at a local park or your own backyard
  • Set up automatic transfers (or increase current ones)
  • Shop at the markets for your fruit and veg as opposed to Coles or Woolies
  • Have a picnic to celebrate Valentines Day as opposed to paying enormous costs for fresh roses and inflated restaurant prices
  • Buy office stationary in bulk
  • Check your mobile phone expenditure
  • Review your bank account charges.

Every $$$ counts. With Christmas spending finally out of the way – get your budget back into gear and save!

Let us know what your saving on this February (and/or beyond!)!

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