FletcherFind#3 – Interview with Jake Thomas of Emroy Print & Design

Can you describe what you do in 140 characters or less?

We don’t just sell printing, we sell first impressions. We help businesses (big and small) get the most from their printed material.

I understand that you look after quite a lot of professional services firms. Is there anything that you see them doing consistently wrong?

My personal dislike is a cluttered business card, a business card is not a brochure, it’s a business card.

And what about something consistently right?

Consistent branding – It conveys a sense of professionalism which in my opinion is very important in professional industries.

Are social media details on business stationary now becoming the norm?

Increasingly yes – having your online + offline marketing working in sync in very important.

When ordering stationery, is it a simple, ‘’I need so much of this file and off you go?’’ What do we need to look out for or ask when ordering stationery?

We check files to ensure they are correctly set up for print – making slight modifications complimentary as necessary.

These days, a lot of businesses set out to be different and memorable within their industry. Are there any unique products that you have been a part of?

A client, @Erinna attached a packet of seeds with her greeting cards to convey a “helping your business grow”  message http://bit.ly/914Spu

I would guess that you have a lot of last minute emergency requests. Any tips to counter emergency calls being required?

As flexible as I am, I am limited to the capacity of machines. It’s best to ensure the critical items are always in good supply.

A lot of people don’t know the differences between gloss, matt, glaze, gsm’s, sizes required etc – how do you help get around it?

It’s my personal ambition for my customers to understand the print industry. This gives them greater control & helps me meet their expectations.

And finally, any advice for a business seeking a new printer/stationery provider?

Check previous testimonials, ask for an “all inclusive price”  &  don’t be afraid to ask what their quality control measures are.

Contact Jake via:

Website – www.emroy.com.au Twitter – @EmroyPrint Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/EmroyPrint Interviewed by Janna Fikh of Fletcher Tax Accountants 01/11/10