Centrelink – love or loathe them? You need to deal with them efficiently

There often comes a time in your life where Centrelink assistance is required, for one reason, event, child or another.

Due to the abundance of people seeking welfare assistance, try to combat the issue by coming prepared.

Firstly, see what benefits are available to you, via this link.

Secondly, if you are weary of dealing with Centrelink direct and would prefer your sister, accountant or friend dealing on your behalf, you can do so, BUT only after filling in and submitting this Form

Seeking family tax benefits? You must complete annual Forms to stay current on Centrelink systems and remember that you must lodge Annual Lump Sum Claims within two years of a particular financial year end. For example, family tax benefits sought for 2010/11 must be lodged by 30 June 2013.

A lot of bureaucracy but try to keep your cool and get your questions answered!