Why are clients scared to talk?

A common situation I find on forums, and shamed to admit – with my own clients (sometimes!), is that they are scared to ask questions as and when they come up.

Possible reasons that I’ve come up with:

1/ An accountants’ cost may be too much considering the onset of an idea or a possibility of a particular event 2/ Fear of appearing silly or asking a stupid or curly question 3/ Not knowing what to ask or how to put it into words 4/ Not the end of the financial year or not BAS time so need to wait

Surely, your accountant would prefer you to be getting into deals, arrangements and ventures knowing what your getting into and when you want to get into them!

And let me ask you this – what is the true cost of not seeking your accountants advice? Will it result in you buying an investment within an incorrect structure? And would changing it to the correct structure cost 5 times more than 1 hour of specific professional advice? Or what about starting a business? Is there any point for you to do what Johny down the street is doing, or get the most appropriate structure for you and your family?

Personally, I constantly promote an open door policy time and time again, to the point that I think my clients can give my squeal for me! I invite my clients to email or call with a question. I never bill if it’s something general and at the top of my head. If a more detailed technical response is required – then I do warn an advisory cost will apply, as I need to recover my research costs (as surprise surprise – I don’t know everything under the tax sun!).

So are you a client that’s scared to talk? – You should be! But not of your accountant!

What’s your view? Do you contact your accountant as the need arises, or worse – when the transaction/event has already happened and nothing can be done?!