Positive Media Coverage for Your Business

Media relations is not about selling your products or services – that is what other sales and marketing tools are for. For a small-to-medium sized business, it usually means identifying the media outlets that are watering holes where many of your ideal customers gather, and being included in those media outlets in a positive way that shows that you are helpful, knowledgeable and accessible. Read on for more!

Twittersphere – The Journey

We are on a social networking frenzy in 2010, learning about LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and any other platform that comes within our midst.

As a lot of business owners have not as yet jumped on the Twitter bandwagon or know if its relevant to them or their business – I’d like to share what I’ve learned about Twitter so far.

Twitter may not be for you or your business. Considering how many people and businesses are starting to use Twitter as part of their daily marketing schedules – can you afford not to try it?