Who are FTA?

The most important aspect about us, is how much we can help you and your business with your taxation requirements.

Yes we are qualified.  And yes we do have over 10 years experience in the taxation field.  These two points translate directly to the fact that not only do we promptly prepare your Annual Tax Return, but we can also suggest ways to minimise your expenses and reduce your overall tax liabilities.

But that’s not all!  We offer reminder services for Business Activity Statements (BAS) and Annual Tax Returns.  Our open door policy means we welcome your questions regarding all tax related issues.

The prompt service offered by our team ensures that all work is completed within the prescribed timeframes issued by the Australian Taxation Office.

Do you want to save time on document preparation?  We know that your time is valuable and as an additional service we provide customised checklists, Excel based spreadsheets and a recommended list of bookkeepers.

Tax prevention is better than the cure and knowledge is key.  For this reason we also provide relevant information on annual seminars notifying you of the latest taxation updates which will ultimately affect your business.

Don’t let your taxation issues get the better of you. Call or email us today for your free taxation consultation.